• Samsung Semiconductor Newsroom renewal

    The official PR Room of Samsung Electronics' DS division has been renewed. Redesigned with improved usability and SEO in mind, we provide continuous monitoring and technical support for stable website operation.

    Front-end, Back-end, Design, Maintenance

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  • Posco Newsroom global / Korea

    Building a responsive website based on WordPress.
    It is a site with a lot of content issuance.

    Front-end, Back-end, Maintenance, Consult, Design, Seo, Responsive-web

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  • Kensington Hotel Saipan website renewal

    We worked on the website for the only premium all-inclusive hotel in Saipan. We revamped the website to make it more responsive and gave it an organized and sensible layout with the focus placed on maintaining the hotel's premium status.

    Front-end, Back-end, Design, Wordpress, Strategy

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  • MRI Booking Website

    We have established a system that allows customers to book their own accommodation and promotion/options for MRI's 3 hotels in Saipan (PIC Saipan, Kensington Hotel Saipan, Coral Ocean Resort).

    Front-end, Back-end, Design, Strategy

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  • SAMSUNG Mobile VR Platform

    We build a VR Platform for new Samsung Mobile products information . It has been built to make press releases accessible in virtual spaces(VR Room) with enhanced security.

    Vr, Front-end, Back-end, Design

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  • SAMSUNG eD'tailor

    We have established and operated a WebRTC-based contactless video & chat counseling solution that does not require a separate app installation. This service is for smooth contactless consultation between the D'tailor in charge of Samsung Digital Plaza and the customer.

    Design, Front-end, Back-end

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  • GANA Art Gallery website renewal

    We revamped the website for Gana Art's representative gallery by focusing on the online exhibition and viewing room functions. We made sure that all of the updates were in line with the current trend of non-face-to-face art trading.

    Design, Front-end, Back-end, Responsive-web

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  • Development of enhancement

    We developed a detail pages for Galaxy Note10, Galaxy Z Fold2, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy A series with AEM.

    Front-end, Aem

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Make a way into the universe of code.
Make a way into the universe of code.
Make a way into the universe of code.
Make a way into the universe of code.



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